Sunday, September 25, 2011

Brain eater

Most people eat everything inside a cow, pig, chicken and other animals. I've eaten intestines, gizzards, chicken ass and liver. So why not brains?

One Saturday afternoon, we decided to have kebab. We headed to Uncle Moe Shawarma Hub at City Golf Arcade in Julia Vargas, Pasig. It's an affordable Mediterranean resto with good music. The Ox brain on the menu for starters caught our interest & immediately ordered one for only PhP88. 

An ox is said to have around 450g - 500g of brain. It is high in cholesterol and less on protein content. It has a li'l taste of an omelette with less salt and msg.  You can eat it with a spicy condiment to balance the taste. It's important that when you taste/eat it, condition your brain that it's not a brain or else you'll feel like gawking. It's not something I would order again but it was good to try.  It is not true that only zombies can eat brains so I suggest you do it also.

It looks and taste a li'l bit like egg

Don't worry...this is not a side effect of eating Ox brain hehehe
Our video of eating the brain 



brrrraains=) lovet ann i meant the post not d brains =) harhar, lani here

brains brain brains!!!! hahahaha i nver dit get to finish Plants Vs Zombies

Try mo lang

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