Thursday, August 18, 2011

Paoay Church

Growing up in a non-Catholic family, I was never a fan of churches. When you've seen one, you've seen 'em all. After reading several researches on Ilocos Norte, majority said Paoay church is a church a tourist should not miss to visit. As soon as we got out of our van, there I found out why. With the sun smiling and the bluest sky I've seen, there stood the enchanting facade of the church. It is like a painting. It doesn't look real. It is like a giant post card. It is a perfect subject for photography. They say in photography that you have to be creative and photos should not look like a post card. I can't help it. I just got to take one and that I could say that this is my post card shot. Amazed at just the facade, I did not bother to even go in. You should go there and see it with your own eyes.  

shot from the door

The History

Donated by this family

A Paoay trike

A Paoay bike???? :)



ms. andy, the beauty of paoay church is breath taking... so love it !!!

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