Friday, July 8, 2011

Saud Beach, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

One of the things on a tourist or traveller's list is the place to stay. Aside from the budget and the availability, accessibility and how much time one will be spending inside the place, should be considered. With our Pagudpud trip, Marlene, the best travel coordinator friend I have, decided that we would be staying in a homestay instead of a hotel or resort. Why is that? It's because we would be outdoors most of the time and we just needed a place where we could dump our things, sleep and bathe. Of course, we went for a clean, safe and cheap place. We stayed at Cathy's Homestay which is at Saud Beach. From the main road, we had a  7 - 10mins trike ride. For an overnight stay, it cost us 1500 pesos (which was not bad compared to a hotel rate) We had three spacious beds that can fit 6 people, air conditioned and a bathroom with a shower. Ate Cathy was there to greet  us and she took care of us until the time we left the following day. She cooked dinner and breakfast which was delicious especially our dinner. We bought a 1 1/2 kilo of Bangus or milk fish at the market and I joked that Ate Cathy should have it cooked as Relyeno or stuffed tomatoes and onions inside the fish. Of course that was hard work...and told Marlene to just have it fried. But guess what....she served us Relyenong Bangus. Poor cat...nothing left except the fish head. What a way to end the night at Pagudpud!    

Our room at Cathy's

Waiting for dinner

Marlene and Chando as we watch the sunset at Saud Beach

Cottages outside Cathy's fronting Saud beach

We went for a morning walk at the beach which is always the best,
to discover the resorts near Cathy's

There was no signeage on this place so it might be a private beach house which I tresspassed on...Sorry! It's such a nice house and we just need to have a photo with us on it. It was open so we did not climb a barbwire or a fence

What's a beach without this :)

Fishermen selling their catch...the man in red just finished his morning drink ;P

The Lobster man

I hope to have you as my lunch but you're pretty pricey

Saud Beach on your right

We were surprised when we turned to our left facing Saud Beach, are the Bangui windmills!!!
I can't believe we missed this. The view is right in front of our place. 

Love it!!!!



thanks to this entry ms. andy, we were able to spend a goodnight sleep at Pagudpod after a very long and tiring travel. Manang Cathy is suuuuuuper nice and accommodating. we arrived at the homestay at 10:30pm but she was there waiting and welcomed us with open arms. it was sad though that we are not able to enjoy the view and the beach that much as it was raining the next morning. when we go back to Pagudpod, we will surely stay at Cathy's Homestay again :-)

Glad I was helpful :) I did not even know you were reading my blog :) Thank you so much. Manang Cathy's the best no?! Will wait for your photos. :)

hi. i'm set for a pagudpud adventure this holy week (mar 27 to 30, 2013). i hope my stay in a hotel is as exciting and memorable as yours at Cathy's homestay. actually i read a lot of good words for this homestay from different travel bloggers. I wished i could have read your writeups beforehand.

Hey, hope you have a great time in Pagudpud. Don't think it's all about the place you're staying at. You make it memorable :)Enjoy!

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