Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our Pagudpud Tour

Pagudpud is one place I have been wanting to go to for years already but the 12 hour trip just did not work out for people I invited to go with me. So when my travel buddy, Marlene said that was our next destination, I did not think twice about it.

Since noone wanted to drive that long, we took the bus going there. Though you can fly via Laoag Airport. We got on the Florida Bus (you wont miss their all PINK buses) where their terminal is located in Cubao, Quezon City and I think they have the cheapest fare bound to Ilocos. The aircon bus fare with toilet inside is P780 and we left on-time. I was not able to count the stop-overs as I was asleep most of the time. Also, I highly recommend that you take night trips as it is faster because of less traffic. The bus' route passes towns. We have decided to start at the far end of Ilocos so after 10 hours of our night trip, we finally reached Pagudpud.

It's not hard to get rides in Ilocos. We went for what they called "tourcycle" where we rented a tricycle which can fit 3 passengers that would bring us around the tourist spots for only P400 per person. Trikes are not the most comfortable mode of transportation especially the spots in Ilocos are a bit far from each other (I was able to take a nap on between rides). Though what makes it a bit easier is the spacious and well-maintaned roads they have. It makes you wish that Metro Manila roads would be like this.

It's cheap to go around the places as most of it does not require any fees. I've made blogs of the tourists spots separately. Just click on the links below.  I enjoyed my visit here and would definitely visit again.


Saud Beach

Timmangtang Rock & Bantay Abot Cave

Patapat Viaduct

Kabigan Falls

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

Bangui Windmills

Blue Lagoon, Paraiso ni Anton and Agua Verde



hi! can i get the contact of the tourcycle? we are only puede na samin tricyle...thanks.-minette (

Oh no Minette....sorry we did not get the number of the driver but there are lots of drivers offering this service. At least you have now an idea what the ranges are. I suggest that you ask the hotel or homestay you are staying to recommend you a driver so whatever happens, at least you know that they know that person. Have fun!

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