Monday, June 27, 2011

Timmangtang Rock & Bantay Abot Cave, Ilocos Norte

Part of the Ilocos Norte tour, we went to see Timmangtang Rock. The place was a bit far from the place we were staying at but one thing I liked about Ilocos, is the road. It's well maintained, spacious and no traffic. So even if it's far, the ride is relaxing. . 

No history about this rock. From the road, you'll just see one huge rock. It is said to be a bell shaped one but I disagree. Not even close to a distorted bell shape.

 I like beaches so when we walked closer to the waters,
I enjoyed the view especially with the waves hitting the rocks.

Just a few meters away from Timmangtang Rock, you can see the Bantay Abot Cave,
which means Mountain with a Hole

You still have to drive to get there though. It will require you to go down steep steps and walk on the rocks.

View from the hole

  Extra care is needed here as the rocks are slippery. (I've witnessed two people slipped)



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