Sunday, May 8, 2011

Zipline at the City of Pines

I'm a sucker for ziplines so you'll see a lot of me with this experience in different places. Every time I would travel, I would check if they have one.

This year I spent Holy Week at Baguio City. This gave me the chance to visit Camp John Hay and once again was able to do a zipline over the mountains and pines trees. (my first one was Asia's longest at Bukidnon) When we reached Tree Top Adventure, we were given a brief orientation on the activities they offered. The littles one went for canopy while I took my goddaughter and niece, Bianca with me on Superman and a canopy ride too. It cost us 450 pesos for two rides. Below, you'll see the prices. Going to the superman ride area, we first passed by the canopy and silver surfer ride then we walked down. It's always fun going down but never going up. The staff were very friendly and will make sure you're in good hands. Actually, they were making jokes about safety. Just like the staff in Dahilayan Park, Bukidnon. Maybe this is a way for them to ease the people's mind on freaking out. They have the same strategy. The line is said to be around 200m but just 175m zipping. It will push you backward at fist then it will pull you forward. It will give you time to enjoy the height, the trees, the mountains and the thrill of thinking that you're stuck there. I wished I was able to spread my arms on the side which would be more comfortable than hanging on a triangular support. Overall, it was still amazing. I'd do it again but Bianca was kinda freaked out. 

Run by the same Subic-based company
Orientation and the price list

The staff was making me laugh

going backward



and going forward


you'll see on our face how happy we were

Going down was fun. Going up wasn't.
 We felt the Canopy ride was slow after experiencing the superman ride. We had to wait for seats to arrive from the other station. It was three lines-transfer. It gave me time to relax and enjoy the height and trees again. What I regret not doing was the silver surfer. It looked fun. Though it was something to look forward to when I go back.        



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