Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mount Pinatubo

Who knew that the one thing that caused a disaster to thousands could turn out to be a breath taking view. Seriously, this is the most beautiful view I have ever seen. EVER.

My NatGeo experience :)

From Manila, we travelled by car going to Capas, Tarlac where we stayed at an inn owned by our contact, Kuya Wendell Mercado.  He is also the president and champion of the 4x4 wheeler's club. He and his dad and mom are the nicest ever.  We had to stay there over night because our meet up was 6AM and there's no way we can make it if we would be coming from Manila. We also stayed after the trek as we were too tired to drive home.

An hour drive to Mt. Pinatubo

The skyway was damaged by the strong and continuous rain we've been experiencing for the past months. So we had to take the long route. Our 4x4 driver (I forgot his name but he rocks in driving) took us to the Spa Town where we had to pay and register then off to the starting point of the trek which was an hour drive. The ride was fun. Bumpy but fun. The road is covered with lahar ( a type of mudflow or landslide of volcanic debris mixed with water down the sides of the volcano) I strongly suggest to cover your hair during the ride as the lahar will make your hair really hard.   


Our 4x4

Our guide, Kuya Mario, helped us cross the streams 

The Trek was 2 hours and a half. We were walking on rocks, lahar and water. It is important we follow our guide as he knows where it is safe to walk and faster. He even carried all our bags so we can be faster. The weather was cool and it drizzled on and off. It was just lovely.  

water break

Helping each other. It is important that we wear the right sandals.

This is a huge rock which is the mark that we were halfway
Near to the crater
After a long trek, this is the reward.

There will always be a jumpshot

On the way down, we were expecting to be faster but I think I pushed myself too hard that I may have stepped on the rocks and placed my weight that I had a knee injury. It was really painful but I tried very hard not to show how painful it was as I did not want to slow them down. Instead of an hour and a half, we still had the same time that we went up.

I had a knee injury. The stick helped a lot plus our guide was ready with his first aid kit.

The 4x4s were waiting for us
The food was great after the long trek (even with a knee injury)

Should you need a contact to work on your trip for this, 
Kuya Wendell Mercado is the man. You may reach him at 09196084313

watch our video on our 4x4 ride

watch our video on the crater



cool! thanks for sharing this in pex!

- spoliarium98

hi, meron ba kayong kinuhang jeep from capas going to sta juliana? thanks

hi ielenna...yung owner ng place na pinagstay namin owns several 4x4 so yeah we took one and yun din ginamit namin papunta sa trek place

this was 2009 and I think the package was somewhere around 1200 if my memory serves me right inclusive of guide, 4x4 ride, pick up and food.

Ahhh Pinatubo, Pinatubo. This has been on my list for forever. So green with envy!

My photos does not justify the real beauty when seen by the naked eye. The trek helps also after a long walk and you'll be rewarded by the beauty. You should go Mustachio!

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