Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dauin, Negros Oriental

Way back 2005, we got a chance to visit Dauin which is found at the North East of Negros Oriental. We visited the cousin of our boss who has a beach front house right beside several popular beach resorts. They boast that the coast of Dauin offers excellent scuba dive sites. This is what we noticed when we were on they way as we saw signages of diving services from the resorts. We could see Siquijor Island from where we were.

We've only spent a couple of hours in Dauin but that was the time I remember that we planned to go back one day. There was also a conversation of wanting to have a beach front house in the future. We liked the place because it was very peaceful. It's not your white sand, crowded and party beach but... for sure it's a place you would want to relax.

The beach front house that we visited

Inside the house
Pura Vida Resort
Pura Vida Resort
Pura Vida Resort
El Dorado Resort
Relaxin' at El Dorado Resort

That's Siquijor Island



I'm just a bit curious about Siquijor Is, they said the place is a nest for people who are into paranormal activity...

not really sure John. Let's explore and find out :)

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