Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bulusan Volcano and Natural Park

Who knew I would reach this place. I have never heard of it. I just randomly thought of a place and the next thing I knew, I was on the bus going to Sorsogon which was a 12 hour trip (the driver was really fast) Then from Sorsogon, an additional 41km or 2 hour ride to Bulusan. I did not know that the Bulusan Volcano was active sometime last September or October until I visited it last December. I was informed that the volcano is actually located near the neighboring province of Irosin and the wind blows the ashfall on that side. It can be seen though from Bulusan. I went to the Natural Park where the lake is. It's another 5km going up through a rough road. A 4x4 jeep would be a cool transportation to that place, just like in Mt.Pinatubo. The lake and the view was peaceful. I could stay there the whole day except not now... since there are ashfalls again.

Behind me is the Bulusan Volcano

The Bulusan Volcano

Entrance to the Bulusan Volcano Natural Park

The Bulusan Lake. The Volcano is covered by the clouds.

Closest I have been to the Bulusan Volcano though the clouds are covering it

I enjoyed the serenity of the place when I was there.

The video of Bulusan Volcano and the lake. In the video, you'll hear me saying ash falls but it's just clouds. The clouds were covering the volcano. You can see just  a piece of it.



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