Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bais, Negros Oriental

I have been here twice for only one reason. To see the dolphins. first it was the dolphins and the whales then they'll tell you it's just not that time of the no whales!

To go here, we came from Dumaguete and rented a van to bring us there in 1 hour. You have to be here really early as it would be another hour boat ride going to where the gentle, friendly and intelligent creatures swim which is in between the waters of Negros and Cebu.

the waters between Negros and Cebu. That's Cebu.

We have spotters to guide the captain where to go. This is where I learned that dolphins are naturally friendly and intelligent. As our boat got closer to them, they swam right beside us and even on the front of the boat as if to say that we should follow them. They  were not as big as the ones we see in Ocean's Adventure. We saw bottlenose and long snouted dolphins. A spinner even surprised me as I was sitting at the front of the boat (see video 2) I did not know where to look. They were everywhere.

long snout dolphins
our spotter

As part of the tour, they brought us to the sandbar. My first visit was high tide and I got lucky on my second visit. When it's low tide, it's your regular beach where you can swim, play on the sand and snorkel.     
Behind me is the sandbar at high first visit

you can stay here over night but no electricity. this is in the middle of nowhere.

Sandbar at low second visit
 We visited the mangrove too.
walkway to the mangrove

my videos of the dolphins in Bais

video 1

Video 2 - a dolphin spinned in front of me but was not able to catch it right away as it surprised me

It was just a wonderful experience that these wild dolphins were swimming beside us.



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