Thursday, February 24, 2011

Whitewater rafting

This has never been an interest as I don't know how to swim and those rapids freak me out. But I am an adventurer and an explorer.

February 20, 2011 together with my former colleagues, we went to experience the most scenic and exhilirating whitewater rafting guided by 1st Rafting Adventure company. We were a group of 10 so we got a group package with photos. As it was all our first time, we took the beginner's course which has 14 rapids with a couple of what they call JJR (joke joke rapid) or CCR (char char rapid) which means they are not as big or rough. Which by the way, I fell in one of the JJRs hahahaha. I was the only one who fell and because I listened carefully to the instructions, it wasn't as traumatic. It was actually fun and funny. I was able to hold on to the grab line. Our guide JohnMar, a very tiny man but has a strength of a horse, was very entertaining and can pull anyone out from the water. It's a 3 hour wouldn't notice. By the time, you get to the last rapid, you wish there would be more. The adrenaline rush is overwhelming. Thinking of it right now if I would do it again, that feeling is still there. It's worth the experience.   

Chillin' on still waters

Chillin' on still waters

That wall over there is Bukidnon

The Boysen Wall

Trying to be tough here

We survived!!!



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