Friday, February 25, 2011

Katibawasan Falls, Camiguin Island

I am not fond of going to falls as it is tiring. I have been to two falls (Mambukal and Valencia). You have to trekk for a few hours before you could get there. Take note, it wasn't a couple of minutes but hours. So when they said our first stop was the falls, I wasn't that thrilled. But not Katibawasan Falls. You get to experience it right away. They said it was about 250ft high which cascades to a bunch of rocks. The water goes down to a pool where people could swim. Noone was swimming when we were there. No guide was there also to inform us about it. The water was cold. Well, the weather was cloudy, windy and there would be showers that comes and go. It wasn't easy going to the rocks too. Though, it was a beauty. We would have stayed longer but we had to travel the island in one day.

No, I wasn't talking to the stone

No, I wasn't talking to the waterfall :)



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