Monday, February 28, 2011

Parasailing in Boracay

When we got to Boracay Island, I saw parachutes from afar and got curious on how this goes. I got excited too. I convinced the people with me to go but because it was a bit pricey, only William agreed to experience it with me. We were up in the air for 10 minutes. It was fun and relaxing for me. I would want  to do this again.  

video of my parasailing experience

White Island, Camiguin

I have been to two sandbars (one in Bais) and I can only say three things about them. They look the same, always beautiful and always fun. Though it was raining when we went here so you won't see much of the mountains behind us but that did not stop us from having fun. We would have stayed longer  in White Island but we had a boat waiting to bring us back to Cagayan De Oro. We enjoyed the big waves, the white, fine sand and the company.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Katibawasan Falls, Camiguin Island

I am not fond of going to falls as it is tiring. I have been to two falls (Mambukal and Valencia). You have to trekk for a few hours before you could get there. Take note, it wasn't a couple of minutes but hours. So when they said our first stop was the falls, I wasn't that thrilled. But not Katibawasan Falls. You get to experience it right away. They said it was about 250ft high which cascades to a bunch of rocks. The water goes down to a pool where people could swim. Noone was swimming when we were there. No guide was there also to inform us about it. The water was cold. Well, the weather was cloudy, windy and there would be showers that comes and go. It wasn't easy going to the rocks too. Though, it was a beauty. We would have stayed longer but we had to travel the island in one day.

No, I wasn't talking to the stone

No, I wasn't talking to the waterfall :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Whitewater rafting

This has never been an interest as I don't know how to swim and those rapids freak me out. But I am an adventurer and an explorer.

February 20, 2011 together with my former colleagues, we went to experience the most scenic and exhilirating whitewater rafting guided by 1st Rafting Adventure company. We were a group of 10 so we got a group package with photos. As it was all our first time, we took the beginner's course which has 14 rapids with a couple of what they call JJR (joke joke rapid) or CCR (char char rapid) which means they are not as big or rough. Which by the way, I fell in one of the JJRs hahahaha. I was the only one who fell and because I listened carefully to the instructions, it wasn't as traumatic. It was actually fun and funny. I was able to hold on to the grab line. Our guide JohnMar, a very tiny man but has a strength of a horse, was very entertaining and can pull anyone out from the water. It's a 3 hour wouldn't notice. By the time, you get to the last rapid, you wish there would be more. The adrenaline rush is overwhelming. Thinking of it right now if I would do it again, that feeling is still there. It's worth the experience.   

Chillin' on still waters

Chillin' on still waters

That wall over there is Bukidnon

The Boysen Wall

Trying to be tough here

We survived!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Asia's longest zipline

I went to Bukidnon Province last February 20, 2011 to experience zipline. This was something I have never thought of doing but thinking about it lately, it made me feel excited.

Two hours drive from Cagayan De Oro, we reached Dahilayan Adventure Park.  The place itself was a wonder. Similar to Baguio, the weather was cool and there were so many pine trees. For an amount of 600 pesos, we get to do all the rides. You can do so many things though in the park like horseback riding, mountain climbing, ATV and more which I would do all those when I go back.

An AWESOME experience!!!!

The rates as of Feb 2011

Hmmm... you really think we can do it?

Our first zipline...320m and 150m

Kuya giving us instructions

My first zipline...the 350m
My second zipline...150m
Going up to the main was the hardest part hahaha

On our way to the longest zipline and thank God we did not have to walk

who should go first???
Trying to fool around first to push away the nervousness

Praying before flight

First couple to go! You can have your arms forward or on the side

We were the last. Here's my "I am brave but not really" look

with our certificates!!! woot!

This is what is says on my ziprider's certificate:
I successfully conquered ZIPZONE 840m at Asia's Longest Dual Cable Zipline at 4500ft. level of Mt. Kitanglad Range Natural Park in Brgy. Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon Province, Philippines.

video of the zipzone 840m